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For the last year or so, I have been busy writing a novel that is centred on the Norman invasion of Francia (the 'conquest of Normandy' from the Franks/French) during the 10th century. As is natural with any story that deals with research, I have found that I had to take breaks from the writing of this book and focus on other things that saved my sanity.

During the last four months, I have found myself on one of those writing breaks where I turned my back completely on that particular story and began to have interest in the lovely world of fandom again. So, today in a random fit of madness, I decided to open up the documents to that story and get to work.

I only lasted twenty minutes. I opened up my first chapter, saw what I had wrote and began to rework my characters. Then I started with my obsession with historical research because I was worried that the name of my main male character didn't suit the time period.

Needless to say, I didn't get too far with writing that particular story today. However, in my frustration, I did start on a new story that is centred on Louis XIV's wars. I admit that the real d'Artagnan is far more endearing to write for than his fictional counterpart... even if he is quite the intimidating character to work with in the first place.

My other story that is titled "For the King" (the book that is original fiction) is coming along far better than the fanfiction counterpart under the same name. The only difference is that I am not battling things out with the characters (outside of Louis II de Bourbon-Condé). However, I attribute the difficulties to the fact that Condé was quite the character himself when he was alive. I have given up on featuring Turenne as a main character, but that is because whenever I attempt to write a story from his POV, the portrait where he is glaring out at the world comes to my mind every time.

Though, I did manage to write a story that was about Turenne's final battle. That story was amongst those that were very difficult to write for. As a matter of fact, I compare the writing of that story to the one I wrote for the d'Artagnan romances a few years before that shows d'Artagnan dying.

In other news, I have discovered a story that I began writing but completely forgot about. This one here is centred on the Norman invasion of England in 1066. However, I don't remember if my main male character is original or if he was a historical figure. The name does look strangely familiar to me, but I am not sure where I saw it.

My one good friend (who is a historian that specialises in mediaeval warfare) gave a glowing review to the draft when I shared it with her. I have a suspicion that this could just be because we are friends... so I will publish the draft here when I work out a few of the kinks. Let's just say that not knowing if my character is a creation of my own imagination or is the fictional counterpart to a real life historical figure is beginning to bother me.

On my old writing account on LJ, I rediscovered the first chapter of a novel that is centred on the Revolutionary Wars of France. Since I have always been fond of Louis XVI, and feel very sympathetic towards him, I couldn't write him as a villain. I am currently on the hunt for the other chapters because usually whenever I publish the first chapter of an original novel, I have nearly completed the work.

Amusingly enough, there were a few people that reviewed this work and weren't as sympathetic to poor Louis as I was. As a matter of fact, one of the reviewers claimed that I was 'rewriting history' when I kept the character of Louis as authentic as possible.

"Louis XVI didn't exactly shy away from cutting off peoples heads, did he?"

My first thought was "Are they thinking of the right Louis", but then I realised that this person confused the Revolutionary war with the terrible Reign of Terror. It was great fun writing a short story regarding that particular period in France, but it was a really sad thing to do. My female character for that story is a creation of my own mind (as in she didn't exist in history unlike the many others that lived and died during that period), but I grew rather attached to her in my own little way.

With all this said, I have been collecting all my works under one file. Since I am intent on publishing more publically, I have been focusing my attention on getting all of my stories in one place. I still have a love for livejournal since that is the place that I've been on for years, but I feel that livejournal held me back because it allowed me to hide for years.


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