Nov. 20th, 2015

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Hello! Here are a few words of introduction!

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Here is a masterlist of my work. I hope to have more available as soon as possible. Especially since I have folders of work that are currently clogging my computer.

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Title: For the King
Characters: Four Inseparables, Original Characters, Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, Monsieur de Tréville
Rating: M for themes
Content/Warnings: Scenes of warfare and conflict, Canon Related Violence, Friendship, Angst and Character Study
Author's Note: This is the first story of the For the King series, and is very dear to my heart in terms of writing and pride.
There is going to be a lot of war and conflict, canon related violence, violent repressions, and acts of cruelty under the ancien régime under Louis XIII. The story was largely inspired by the research I conducted for an original novel that is set during the révolte de Roure that took place in 1670 during the reign of Louis XIV. The ensuing battle between the royalists and insurgents cost the lives of hundreds of people that were caught in the middle, and resulted in the burnings of whole villages in order to force the insurgents into a surrender.
While the story takes after what happened during this period in terms of violence, it doesn't take anything else such as historical figures present during that time.
That all said, the timeline for this story is as follows: June 1627-November 1627.

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