Jan. 1st, 2017

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Since creating this account a year or so ago, I have realised that I haven't been as active as I should be. As a matter of fact, I completely forgot about this site and continued to be active on the other sites I 'left behind'.

I have continued to use my old writing journal on livejournal, have published a few works under my fanfiction penname, and 'cross-posting' to AO3 under this name. I admit that those few that know me on fictionpress are rather impressed with my lack of progress in publishing anything at all.

That said, I do hope that this year, I can finally put aside my issues with the past and do what any normal writer does, and that is write more and publish frequently.

This is what I have planned for this year:

⚜ Completing my story for the Merlin Fandom: What Should Have Been Said
⚜ Complete Playing With Fire (CSI: Miami)
⚜ Update For the King (d'Artagnan Romances)
⚜ Finish my historical fiction story surrounding the Normans of France
⚜ Publish La Cerisaie (The Cherry Orchard) officially. Written for the 2015 now defunct French History Big Bang community on Livejournal
⚜ Write a few pieces of original fiction that centre on anything but French history

Since I have an obsession with historical research, and this does affect my writing in such a way that everything must be perfect, I have decided that in order to save my sanity, that it is best to write for a genre that doesn't take so much out of me. As of yet, I haven't been able to find that genre, and have chosen fanfiction as an outlet for my frustrations.

As a result of this, I have many fics coming for the d'Artagnan romances and Merlin fandoms. Though, I am publishing my old pieces of original fiction that I've been finding all over the web.

Please note, that I usually post to my livejournal page than any other site first. I only cross-post my work if I decide it appropriate to share my stories with the rest of the world. This year (in 2017), I hope to change that and publish my work elsewhere.

That said, I do wish that this site becomes a little like livejournal in the regards that it is far easier to have cuts and format one's posts instead of having to put in codes yourself.


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