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 Recently, I have become enthralled in Arthurian literature, and have read many books and poems that are centred on King Arthur, his court, and the characters that have become famous throughout the centuries. I finished reading Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy, and was greatly impressed by the writing. So much so that I took to reading Helen Hollick's Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, and then discovered another writer that quickly became a favourite who goes by the name of M.K. Hume, whose portrayal of King Arthur quickly won over my heart.

Lately, I have been focusing much of my attention on my Arthurian Literature works, and have quite a few that are centred on the friendship between Lancelot and Gawain. I do have some form of trilogy that is about 'King Arthur' as he would have been in Dark Age Britain, but since Britain... and specifically Dark Age Britain have only recently become an intellectual interest, the books that I have written aren't up to the level that is expected of them.

I am going to be publishing my Arthurian Literature to this site before I decide to take them elsewhere. This way, I can show them off and get critique on them before taking the steps to have them officially published. This will include (though, I am slightly nervous to do so), the Arthurian trilogy that I have been working on for quite a number of years.

Speaking of Arthurian Literature, I do have some news in regards of my BBC Merlin fanfiction. As those of you who know me from fandom will attest to, I have been working on a series that I have affectionately been calling Le Morte d'Arthur. The first book of the series has been sent to two very lovely betas who are working hard to ensure that everything is in proper English, and then it is up for publication. I doubt whether I am going to publish this book to FFN as it does centre on warfare, but I am definitely publishing the series to AO3 and to this account here. In the meantime, I have been working on Book Two of the series, which is getting one step closer to the final product of that series overall. Since I have three stories planned for Le Morte d'Arthur, it has become increasingly difficult to have enough story to go around. However, I think I am slowly overcoming these issues to produce a great (or at least that is how I feel about it) story.

My d'Artagnan romances fanfiction has come to a halt as I focus on a series that centre on the real d'Artagnan. This is mostly centred on a specific armed conflict that took place in the southwest of France in the year 1670, and I decided that it needed all of my attention. The fanfiction counterpart of For the King is on a hiatus as a result of this, though I might just publish the five chapters that I did manage to write for it. That way, it won't make is seem that I abandoned this story in favour of something else.

I do have a few shorter stories coming to this site. Most of these are for the historical fiction genre, but I do have one that might become a good starting point for a fantasy novel later on. The one conflict that I have with this particular story (for the fantasy) is that my heroine may fall into the same pattern that you see other writer's characters follow. Since fantasy is something that I steer clear of in most cases, I don't have that much time to devote to a story of this nature, but reading through the storyline, I think I might get out of my comfort zone to actually add more to it.

Since I want to publish the stories that I know don't have many chapters to them, I am going to start off with my novellas and little short story collections. This includes a Fairy Tale Collection, a collection of stories that are centred on the Hundred Years' War, and a few little stories that are set in a French village during the time of the Black Death. Included in this will be the shorter stories that I have for fanfiction works (including earlier d'Artagnan romances and BBC Merlin), and my original Arthurian Literature works.
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