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Yesterday evening, I was sitting near my dressing table with a lovely glass of wine when I was suddenly jolted out of reverie with this brilliant idea for a d'Artagnan romances fanfiction. I was reading a novel that I had written a few years ago that I fully intend to publish to FFN and to AO3 titled The Grim Reaper, and fully realised that I could write another story that is centred on a murder mystery in Paris at the time of Louis XIII.

It wasn't so much reading a forgotten story that got me thinking about this idea, but the idea of vampires and werewolves that truly got the mind ticking. Since many historians have the idea that the cases of vampires and werewolves are stemmed from mediaeval or early modern period serial killers, I began to formulate the idea that perhaps the Four Inseparables should come into contact with an individual as evil as a 'vampire'.

Right now, the idea is obviously in its preliminary stages as I've got everything from characters to the storyline to think through. Since my Grim Reaper is set in Paris during 1628 and has quite a number of female victims that are considered lower class, I was thinking of opening up this particular story with something that would rock France's Royal Court to its foundations. However, at this point in the planning, I have absolutely no idea how that is going to take place.

Besides, I have a suspicion that it would take a lot for poor old Louis XIII to be shaken up by any killing.

Since I don't want to give away my full story plan, I am going to leave this as is and get right to work. I don't think that Grim Reaper will have a sequel as that story has been finished for years, and it doesn't need another continuation. However, in case I reference that particular work throughout this particular story, I think it is for the best that I go through the edits and have this story published as soon as possible.

However, I've had another idea for a story that is set in France during the Occupation. I am fairly uncertain about my characters, their social class and their way of life, but for once I think I will focus my attention on a French Catholic family and have the plight of the French Jews as being observed but ignored. I do have a story that has a French Jewish woman, but her story is complete and I can no longer do anything more with her.

It was terrible enough to do all that research to the point of obsession, outline the entire storyline, and write out the entire story. Most of my French audience loved the story and gave excellent critique, but a few of the English readers weren't keen on a story that focused on France's issues when 'worse things were happening in countries such as Poland and Ukraine'.

One of my dear real life friends (who happens to be a school teacher) advised me to do some writing exercises to keep my mind on my writing. She has been sending me messages via facebook with ideas. Today's writing challenge is to write a story without any dialogue whatsoever, and to keep it descriptive. She even set me a word count that I must meet or go over... and there is a due date. Next Friday before 11.59 at night.

I had another 'assignment' that was due last Tuesday. This one here had to be a character study. I received the feedback from her on Friday evening, but didn't publish the story yet. The character that I chose for the writing exercise is one of my major characters that I introduce in my story about the Affair of the Poisons.

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