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Hello! Here are a few words of introduction!

I am a writer of mostly French historical and period fiction, and rarely move out of it. However, I have written for British, Russian, German and Spanish history and found that I absolutely adore learning new things that are related to the history of other nations. To be honest, I was a little shy to share my original work as I feared that they weren't going to be at the same level as my fan-fiction, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive good feedback on all the stories that I have written thus far.

As English is considered a foreign language (and is sometimes the bane of my existence), I hope that I can receive all the constructive criticism that I can to improve my stories and perfect my English more. I adore the English language and have an extensive collection of English literature that I consider my pride and joy, though all of my beloved French writers will always come first in my heart.

I began my humble writing career in fan-fiction, where I still occasionally go to in order to relieve stress. My main fandom is the d'Artagnan romances, where I still write many stories that are dear to my heart. My favourite character at this moment is d'Artagnan, who is a very endearing character that has charmed his way into my heart, and plays a central role in every single story I write with few exceptions. I also have a keen interest in the Arthurian Romances and BBC Merlin, and have an extensive collection of work in both.

To be honest here, I am going to make things very simple for my potential readers here. For each story, I will include tags that will tell my reader if a story they are reading is for fan-fiction or is actually considered original. As I adore the real d'Artagnan just as much as I love his fictional counterpart, I think it is only fair to have tags that differentiate between what is considered 'fandom' and what isn't. I will also include a masterlist of fiction that will be separated into 'Fanfiction' and 'Original Fiction' in this first post. Though, I hope to have a separate post for this when it becomes too much for readers.

I decided that I wanted to use this site as a writing platform when the other sites I've tried out didn't accommodate my needs and wants. I wanted to find a site where I could feel safe and secure. A place where I could learn and grow as a writer without feeling restricted or pressured to do what others wanted. I felt that I needed a site that could help me gain back my confidence as a writer and to reclaim my identity as both a writer and human being. Livejournal met my expectations for awhile, but let me down when I kept finding I was being scrutinised no matter how hard I tried to move on.

I had found wattpad to be stifling and cold. While I enjoyed my visit for as long as I could, I found many of Wattpad's users to be demanding, controlling and rather abusive. I discovered that many of these very same writers cheat their way up to the top instead of working hard for their 'ratings' and reviews. These are the very same writers that demanded I review and vote for their work before they would 'consider returning the favour'. When I didn't give them the reviews they wanted or critiqued their writing, they retaliated and most began to have me ostracised from the historical fiction genre. I also grew increasingly tired of the amount of immature writers on this site, and was amazed by the amount of abuse that many of these people put other writers through. As I felt it was not a safe environment to place my work on, I made the decision to leave the site in favour of one that was far more accommodating to writers.

When I found dreamwidth, I was relieved in part that nobody knew who I was, and that I could turn a new leaf. I believe that this is the site that I can rely on for what I want most. As this is a writing journal, I fully intend to use it as such and consider it an honour to be here.

I hope that I can publish my work here soon. For the first time in years, I can finally say that I am rather excited to write and have my work seen by the public. I hope that everyone finds the story that they want to read here, and that you enjoy your visit.

.I absolutely adore writing stories that centre on the human mind. Writers like Daphne du Maurier, Victor Hugo, Gustave Flaubert, Honoré de Balzac and Tatiana de Rosnay have instilled this intense love for character studies into me. Whereas writers like Alexandre Dumas, Maurice Druon and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle instilled a love of historical fiction, drama and adventure since I first picked up their books and read them.

I prefer realism and have this strange obsession with portraying my characters as realistically as possible. To me, the characters make up the story and the storyline comes after, and without the characters, you have no story. I find that I become upset when I discover I've made a mistake with my writing, and am fanatic about historical research, character development and of course my storylines.

I reserve an intense hatred for romanticism, and avoid doing this at all costs. While, I have nothing wrong with the Romance Genre, I do take issue with the romanticism of a serious issue like the Holocaust or sexual slavery. I have written a few stories that centre on romance as the main theme, but when it comes to something that must be taken seriously, I find romanticism (as in the deliberate downplaying of a specific tragedy or issue) to be the most appalling and despicable thing that a writer can possibly do.

Other than historical fiction, I do have a fondness for fantasy, horror and mythology, and have a few works that deal with each of these genres.

Here is a masterlist of my work. I hope to have more available as soon as possible. Especially since I have folders of work that are currently clogging my computer.

D'Artagnan Romances

For the King
Summary: When the Monarchy is under attack from a secret organisation, d'Artagnan is the one that is ordered to put a stop to what is happening before the group can strike again. However, things don't always go according to plan and d'Artagnan soon discovers that he is in far more danger than he has ever been in before.
Characters: Four Inseparables
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 130k (entire story so far)
Content: Scenes of warfare and conflict, angst, friendship, character study
Author's Note: First part of For the King
Read on: FFN, AO3
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