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Aug. 2nd, 2017 01:56 am
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 In case anyone has found me from other writing sites, I do spend a lot of my time on livejournal under the name of auregan. Please note that the lack of the 'o' in the name over on LJ, is a constant source of anguish. However, I have made myself quite cozy over there and sometimes remember to come here first and cross post my entries to both sites.

Unfortunately, I haven't really found a way to do that over on LJ quite yet.

Now that I am getting very comfortable in my big armchair, I am fully planning on posting some of my original work and will also be doing some fanfiction as well. My entries so far have been clearly labelled to differentiate between fanfiction and original stories, but it is still a long way to go before I am fully back in the writing.

I fully plan on utilizing wattpad as a writing platform again, but will only be publishing my English stories as the French will most likely be published using more traditional methods.

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Rather recently, I returned back into a fandom that I thought I was never going to get back into, and I suppose it has left me feeling rather strange. I suppose my return has more to do with unfinished business than actually writing for the enjoyment of the show. I have one massive work in progress that has left me extremely frustrated as I fight hard to produce a chapter suitable enough for what I envision the story to go.

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 Recently, I have become enthralled in Arthurian literature, and have read many books and poems that are centred on King Arthur, his court, and the characters that have become famous throughout the centuries. I finished reading Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy, and was greatly impressed by the writing. So much so that I took to reading Helen Hollick's Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, and then discovered another writer that quickly became a favourite who goes by the name of M.K. Hume, whose portrayal of King Arthur quickly won over my heart.

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What I mean to say is that I am so used to writing stories that are based on historical fact than allowing myself to come up with a castle that was created from my own imagination.

Of course there are a few exceptions to this. I did write a story (La Cerisaie) that centred on a town in Bourgogne that has since disappeared. I had to come up with what the town and castle looked like, where it was situated, and everything. I believe it was for this reason, and the fact that I obsessed about every little detail, both in the historical and writing sense, that forced me to take a break from writing for a little bit.

So, thanks to the very lovely (and very talented) writers on the Madhouse forum, I do have some ideas what to name this castle of mine for a book centred on Arthurian literature.

These are the choices I have so far:

Calchester fortress, Coronon Palace, Irwins Crag, Fort Montessor, Krak des Coriarti.

Of course, I do have a few ideas of my own for a name for this particular castle, but the one that is sticking seems to be:

Elouan Castle

I believe that the reason for why I fell in love with this particular name is because it fits in with my description for the castle, itself. Elouan means "light" in the Breton tongue, and was the name of a saint from the sixth century.

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Since creating this account a year or so ago, I have realised that I haven't been as active as I should be. As a matter of fact, I completely forgot about this site and continued to be active on the other sites I 'left behind'.

I have continued to use my old writing journal on livejournal, have published a few works under my fanfiction penname, and 'cross-posting' to AO3 under this name. I admit that those few that know me on fictionpress are rather impressed with my lack of progress in publishing anything at all.

That said, I do hope that this year, I can finally put aside my issues with the past and do what any normal writer does, and that is write more and publish frequently.

This is what I have planned for this year:

⚜ Completing my story for the Merlin Fandom: What Should Have Been Said
⚜ Complete Playing With Fire (CSI: Miami)
⚜ Update For the King (d'Artagnan Romances)
⚜ Finish my historical fiction story surrounding the Normans of France
⚜ Publish La Cerisaie (The Cherry Orchard) officially. Written for the 2015 now defunct French History Big Bang community on Livejournal
⚜ Write a few pieces of original fiction that centre on anything but French history

Since I have an obsession with historical research, and this does affect my writing in such a way that everything must be perfect, I have decided that in order to save my sanity, that it is best to write for a genre that doesn't take so much out of me. As of yet, I haven't been able to find that genre, and have chosen fanfiction as an outlet for my frustrations.

As a result of this, I have many fics coming for the d'Artagnan romances and Merlin fandoms. Though, I am publishing my old pieces of original fiction that I've been finding all over the web.

Please note, that I usually post to my livejournal page than any other site first. I only cross-post my work if I decide it appropriate to share my stories with the rest of the world. This year (in 2017), I hope to change that and publish my work elsewhere.

That said, I do wish that this site becomes a little like livejournal in the regards that it is far easier to have cuts and format one's posts instead of having to put in codes yourself.


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