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Yesterday evening, I was sitting near my dressing table with a lovely glass of wine when I was suddenly jolted out of reverie with this brilliant idea for a d'Artagnan romances fanfiction. I was reading a novel that I had written a few years ago that I fully intend to publish to FFN and to AO3 titled The Grim Reaper, and fully realised that I could write another story that is centred on a murder mystery in Paris at the time of Louis XIII.

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This is my card for the Get Your Words Out community on dreamwidth
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I was just thinking about the After Camlann Big Bang challenge that is running once again this year, and though I have made the decision not to participate (like usual), I remembered that I need to get the d'Artagnan Big Bang up and running again.

To be honest though, I regret that I haven't signed up for After Camlann as I have promised myself and my fandom friends that I was going to participate the next time it was running. As I made this promise back in 2014/2015, I feel terrible that I haven't made due on my promise and actually put my name down for the challenge. However, this year, I think I am going to follow the Big Bang in behind the lines, just to see if I can do it. Then, next year when the challenge is running again (hopefully), I can turn around and sign up for it.

This year is becoming a little hectic for me when it comes to time and actually sitting down to write. The only thing keeping my sanity at this moment is the fact that I've written some works for the Merlin fandom (little short stories for the GGE forum on FFN), and the many books that are currently keeping me company in my apartment. One of these books is a collection of poetry from Sir Alfred Tennyson, and I've got to say that I am absolutely grateful that I've discovered it in the English bookshop.

I foolishly joined up with the GGE (Gift Giving Extravaganza) this year. In previous years, I usually lost inspiration or I wouldn't write and I think that my lack of enthusiasm is something that others see since I have a lot of empty space in the sign ups. That said, I am also very determined to complete this challenge this year because I need to rediscover how it is to write for fun.

In other story news: As much as I adore my first and only Criminal Minds fanfiction, I think I am going to have it removed from the sites and have it rewritten to fit within the CSI: Miami fandom instead. I have tried incredibly hard over the last year and a half to have this story completed, but unfortunately, I can't do it.

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I've been looking around my old journal over on LJ, and discovered this prompt table that I don't think I've completed, much less wrote for. This year, I am going to write for this as I think it will help me focus on stories for the d'Artagnan romances fandom.

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For the last year or so, I have been busy writing a novel that is centred on the Norman invasion of Francia (the 'conquest of Normandy' from the Franks/French) during the 10th century. As is natural with any story that deals with research, I have found that I had to take breaks from the writing of this book and focus on other things that saved my sanity.

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