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Nov. 20th, 2015 07:13 pm
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Hello! Here are a few words of introduction!

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Here is a masterlist of my work. I hope to have more available as soon as possible. Especially since I have folders of work that are currently clogging my computer.

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This is the card that I received from the mods at[community profile] hc_bingo community. I am looking forward to filling in some prompts! My hc_bingo card )
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Title: The Thing About Candles
Fandom: d'Artagnan romances
Characters: Aramis, Prthos
Rating: Gen
Summary: Making candles is a long and tedious task that is not suited for two musketeers. However, if you anger Tréville, this is the sort of thing to expect.
Content: friendship, general
Author's Note: This was written for [community profile] fan_flashworks a few years ago. The prompt I used was candles.

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Just a note

Aug. 2nd, 2017 01:56 am
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 In case anyone has found me from other writing sites, I do spend a lot of my time on livejournal under the name of auregan. Please note that the lack of the 'o' in the name over on LJ, is a constant source of anguish. However, I have made myself quite cozy over there and sometimes remember to come here first and cross post my entries to both sites.

Unfortunately, I haven't really found a way to do that over on LJ quite yet.

Now that I am getting very comfortable in my big armchair, I am fully planning on posting some of my original work and will also be doing some fanfiction as well. My entries so far have been clearly labelled to differentiate between fanfiction and original stories, but it is still a long way to go before I am fully back in the writing.

I fully plan on utilizing wattpad as a writing platform again, but will only be publishing my English stories as the French will most likely be published using more traditional methods.

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Title: Like Shattered Glass
Fandom: Arthurian Mythology
Characters: Lancelot, Gawain, other characters
Rating: Teen
Summary: The day that he had lost his greatest friend, Lancelot felt like shattered glass. 
Content: Character death, friendship, grief and loss, memories
Author's Note: This was written for somebody for yuletide a few years back. It was this story that left me truly fascinated with Arthurian literature and themes, and where I first found my love for Gawain and Lancelot.

This is an AU of events that take place in Sir Thomas Malory's Le morte d'Arthur, though the story definitely does follow certain aspects of Malory's canon. I've decided that I want to do a lot more with this story and may have expanded stories on specific scenes that are seen within this fic.

Like Shattered Glass )


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If one is writing for Arthurian literature but it is the author's take on events that take place in other works using the same characters and places, then would that be considered as Arthurian Literature fanfiction, or would it be considered as original fiction?

This has been a question that has been haunting me for years. I wish to publish my Arthurian Literature, but have no idea where these works properly belong. A few years ago I had them published to fictionpress, but received flames for them because they were 'Arthurian mythology' and didn't belong on a site dedicated to original fiction.

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For a few months now, I have been busy writing a story about France's Revolutionary Wars. I do have a few other works surrounding the period, but this one here is the only one that is told from the perspective of a fictional character. Outside of a few worries about my character being believable in the time that she's supposed to be in, I do have a few concerns that she might be a little bit of a Mary Sue. I mean, she's a strong willed noble woman, never married and isn't on speaking terms with her father because he wishes her to marry a man that she hates. However, I fear that she has become too 21st century for the story.

It isn't the fact that she has 'feminist' viewpoints that is the problem. A lot of women in that time believed that a woman was entitled to have the same career choices as a man. However, I feel that in an attempt to show readers how difficult it was for a woman in 18th century France (including the noblewomen), that I may have overdone things to the point that she isn't very believable.

At first, the writing for this particular story was fun and fascinating. Now, writing it seems tedious and I am unable to find the joy of it anymore.

I am thinking of a serious 'overhaul' as the saying goes. Rewriting everything from scratch so that the story runs more smoothly and the character makes me proud.

However... so far into the story? Is that such a good idea when I am fifteen chapters in? What will that achieve other than a serious headache?

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I am not really sure if I am going to participate in this as I am already very busy with things, but this community is devoted to Sirius Black. I was always a fan of Sirius and can't really find fanfiction that is from his point of view.

Join the Sirius Black 2017 Fest

Livejournal | Dreamwidth

Prompting: 8/1-8/10
Claiming: 8/13
Submissions Due: 10/20
Posting: 11/3
Reveals: 12/1

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Rather recently, I returned back into a fandom that I thought I was never going to get back into, and I suppose it has left me feeling rather strange. I suppose my return has more to do with unfinished business than actually writing for the enjoyment of the show. I have one massive work in progress that has left me extremely frustrated as I fight hard to produce a chapter suitable enough for what I envision the story to go.

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Yesterday evening, I was sitting near my dressing table with a lovely glass of wine when I was suddenly jolted out of reverie with this brilliant idea for a d'Artagnan romances fanfiction. I was reading a novel that I had written a few years ago that I fully intend to publish to FFN and to AO3 titled The Grim Reaper, and fully realised that I could write another story that is centred on a murder mystery in Paris at the time of Louis XIII.

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Title: In Thy Pleasure
Criminal Minds
All main characters, Spencer Reid specific
Graphic crime scene imagery, case fic, canon related violence
When two young women are found savagely murdered in their off-campus apartments in Louisiana, it is discovered that the victims have far more in common than initially thought by the local police department. As the investigation progresses, Reid finds that he is haunted by another case that left devastating consequences for all involved, and begins to wonder about his future.
Author's Notes:
This story was written for someone in the Gift Giving Extravaganza. However, I am not certain if this individual likes or dislikes the story as I have never received word back from them. I decided to incorporate my love for Arthurian Literature with my interest in Criminal Minds, and had a novel planned back in 2015 for this story. However, due to time and lack of interest, I decided that I am going to publish the first chapter here, and have the story removed as I fully intend to write a similar story for another fandom that I feel comfortable in. I have tried to work on this story since I first published the first chapter, but I didn't know what to do with it and began focusing my attention elsewhere. I may return to this story in future, but for now, I think I will leave the ending as is.

Besides, the more that I look into this story from Reid's prospective, the more that I feel the muse react in my favour.

In Thy Pleasure )


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This is my card for the Get Your Words Out community on dreamwidth
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I was just thinking about the After Camlann Big Bang challenge that is running once again this year, and though I have made the decision not to participate (like usual), I remembered that I need to get the d'Artagnan Big Bang up and running again.

To be honest though, I regret that I haven't signed up for After Camlann as I have promised myself and my fandom friends that I was going to participate the next time it was running. As I made this promise back in 2014/2015, I feel terrible that I haven't made due on my promise and actually put my name down for the challenge. However, this year, I think I am going to follow the Big Bang in behind the lines, just to see if I can do it. Then, next year when the challenge is running again (hopefully), I can turn around and sign up for it.

This year is becoming a little hectic for me when it comes to time and actually sitting down to write. The only thing keeping my sanity at this moment is the fact that I've written some works for the Merlin fandom (little short stories for the GGE forum on FFN), and the many books that are currently keeping me company in my apartment. One of these books is a collection of poetry from Sir Alfred Tennyson, and I've got to say that I am absolutely grateful that I've discovered it in the English bookshop.

I foolishly joined up with the GGE (Gift Giving Extravaganza) this year. In previous years, I usually lost inspiration or I wouldn't write and I think that my lack of enthusiasm is something that others see since I have a lot of empty space in the sign ups. That said, I am also very determined to complete this challenge this year because I need to rediscover how it is to write for fun.

In other story news: As much as I adore my first and only Criminal Minds fanfiction, I think I am going to have it removed from the sites and have it rewritten to fit within the CSI: Miami fandom instead. I have tried incredibly hard over the last year and a half to have this story completed, but unfortunately, I can't do it.

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 Recently, I have become enthralled in Arthurian literature, and have read many books and poems that are centred on King Arthur, his court, and the characters that have become famous throughout the centuries. I finished reading Bernard Cornwell's Warlord trilogy, and was greatly impressed by the writing. So much so that I took to reading Helen Hollick's Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, and then discovered another writer that quickly became a favourite who goes by the name of M.K. Hume, whose portrayal of King Arthur quickly won over my heart.

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I've been looking around my old journal over on LJ, and discovered this prompt table that I don't think I've completed, much less wrote for. This year, I am going to write for this as I think it will help me focus on stories for the d'Artagnan romances fandom.

Below the cut is the prompt table. )
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What I mean to say is that I am so used to writing stories that are based on historical fact than allowing myself to come up with a castle that was created from my own imagination.

Of course there are a few exceptions to this. I did write a story (La Cerisaie) that centred on a town in Bourgogne that has since disappeared. I had to come up with what the town and castle looked like, where it was situated, and everything. I believe it was for this reason, and the fact that I obsessed about every little detail, both in the historical and writing sense, that forced me to take a break from writing for a little bit.

So, thanks to the very lovely (and very talented) writers on the Madhouse forum, I do have some ideas what to name this castle of mine for a book centred on Arthurian literature.

These are the choices I have so far:

Calchester fortress, Coronon Palace, Irwins Crag, Fort Montessor, Krak des Coriarti.

Of course, I do have a few ideas of my own for a name for this particular castle, but the one that is sticking seems to be:

Elouan Castle

I believe that the reason for why I fell in love with this particular name is because it fits in with my description for the castle, itself. Elouan means "light" in the Breton tongue, and was the name of a saint from the sixth century.

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For the last year or so, I have been busy writing a novel that is centred on the Norman invasion of Francia (the 'conquest of Normandy' from the Franks/French) during the 10th century. As is natural with any story that deals with research, I have found that I had to take breaks from the writing of this book and focus on other things that saved my sanity.

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Since creating this account a year or so ago, I have realised that I haven't been as active as I should be. As a matter of fact, I completely forgot about this site and continued to be active on the other sites I 'left behind'.

I have continued to use my old writing journal on livejournal, have published a few works under my fanfiction penname, and 'cross-posting' to AO3 under this name. I admit that those few that know me on fictionpress are rather impressed with my lack of progress in publishing anything at all.

That said, I do hope that this year, I can finally put aside my issues with the past and do what any normal writer does, and that is write more and publish frequently.

This is what I have planned for this year:

⚜ Completing my story for the Merlin Fandom: What Should Have Been Said
⚜ Complete Playing With Fire (CSI: Miami)
⚜ Update For the King (d'Artagnan Romances)
⚜ Finish my historical fiction story surrounding the Normans of France
⚜ Publish La Cerisaie (The Cherry Orchard) officially. Written for the 2015 now defunct French History Big Bang community on Livejournal
⚜ Write a few pieces of original fiction that centre on anything but French history

Since I have an obsession with historical research, and this does affect my writing in such a way that everything must be perfect, I have decided that in order to save my sanity, that it is best to write for a genre that doesn't take so much out of me. As of yet, I haven't been able to find that genre, and have chosen fanfiction as an outlet for my frustrations.

As a result of this, I have many fics coming for the d'Artagnan romances and Merlin fandoms. Though, I am publishing my old pieces of original fiction that I've been finding all over the web.

Please note, that I usually post to my livejournal page than any other site first. I only cross-post my work if I decide it appropriate to share my stories with the rest of the world. This year (in 2017), I hope to change that and publish my work elsewhere.

That said, I do wish that this site becomes a little like livejournal in the regards that it is far easier to have cuts and format one's posts instead of having to put in codes yourself.
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Title: For the King
Characters: Four Inseparables, Original Characters, Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, Monsieur de Tréville
Rating: M for themes
Content/Warnings: Scenes of warfare and conflict, Canon Related Violence, Friendship, Angst and Character Study
Author's Note: This is the first story of the For the King series, and is very dear to my heart in terms of writing and pride.
There is going to be a lot of war and conflict, canon related violence, violent repressions, and acts of cruelty under the ancien régime under Louis XIII. The story was largely inspired by the research I conducted for an original novel that is set during the révolte de Roure that took place in 1670 during the reign of Louis XIV. The ensuing battle between the royalists and insurgents cost the lives of hundreds of people that were caught in the middle, and resulted in the burnings of whole villages in order to force the insurgents into a surrender.
While the story takes after what happened during this period in terms of violence, it doesn't take anything else such as historical figures present during that time.
That all said, the timeline for this story is as follows: June 1627-November 1627.

Prologue )


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